Alisons Entwicklung

10-07-2007 - Day 35

As the babies will turn 5 weeks tomorrow, we had to visit them again. They're always full of joy & when they're awake, Boxer Elmira is playing with them almost all the time. She really likes her job as "private hostess" and nanny & it's so nice & touching to see how she cares for "her" puppies. But she already has to swallow a lot when sharp little puppy's teeth - the first ones broke through a week ago - bite into ears & chops. Capo's & Lola's favorite game is tugging at Elmira's chops the way that she can't react anymore. Alison also likes to play with her big friend, but we haven't observed her be that crucial.

Franny was allowed to also have a look on her cousins. But as she didn't have the permission to enter the puppies' garden, they were quite uninteresting & she preferred running and playing with Elmira.

She's already that tall, our little princess (in the middle):

Vivid Gem's A-Wurf

10-12-2007 - Day 40

Being 5 and a half weeks old, the puppies are now running around a lot - in front of them Alison who, quoting Vivi, is "jumping back & forth like a little frog", running lap after lap & working the toys. If that aren't good conditions for agility! Now, I do believe that one of my first ideas of a name could match her indeed: Always in Motion. The following magnificient picture Vivi succeeded in taking, is absolutely the proof:


10-15-2007 - Day 43

Alison & her siblings are exactly 6 weeks old & the girls have already crossed the 2-kg mark (70,55 ounces) by now! But where do they want to grow to? That they would be bigger than Franny or their mother Garbo, was quite clear for us, but I pray that they don't want to get bigger than their father as well - in respect to the sporting "career" it would be an advantage!

The little cuties also got their first vaccination today. And I was quite content to hear that Alison - contrary to her sister - didn't want to "eat" the doctor because of this. She has inherited the gentleness of her mother, that's crystal clear.

Alison with 41 days:


10-20-2007 - Day 48

Alison has taken another step today towards being a successful sporting dog: Together with her brother & sister, she got to know the agility tunnel. And what can I say? - Alison arrived, saw & triumphed! Running through it, she was full of joy & passion & I'm really happy that we obviously have fun in doing the same things.

Besides, the little Vivid Gems now get to know what it is like to be a "big dog": You have to accept that awful thing around your neck - it doesn't make sense trying to escape on 3 legs while scratching it off with the fourth! But when Alison lies down for a sleep on my lap after playtime, she doesn't even notice that you're putting on a collar.

Here's a picture of the "monster of the tunnels" (48 days):


10-22-2007 - Day 50

Yesterday again was a "Visiting Alison Day" & this time, Franny and Alison were allowed to really meet each other & to have a sniff. Alison was quite impressed by her big cousin & Franny wondered why she should make friends with THIS dwarf. Playing with Alison was absolutely impossible for her - she always prefers playing with humans, if need be even with unknown persons. It's like this since she was a puppy. Instead, she explained Alison that toys always & ever belong to her & to no one else.

Later, we checked the weight of the pups: 2220gr (78,31 ounces) has Miss Always in Motion got in the meantime, that's nearly 10 times her weight at birth 7 weeks ago.

10-24-2007 - Day 52

Alison is barking! She always does it when whimpering doesn't help & she simply doesn't get any attention but wants to get out off the welping box. If she'll ever give up this habit when additionally having a barking example in the future?

Already the last time I visited her, Alison has proven that she's able to be a little "troublemaker" when she's bored or wants to get attention but not earns any immediately. She simply is a normal, bright & active Boston puppy whose disposition & natural abilities need to be supported & brought onto the right way!

When she's tired & sleepy after romping around, Alison still is the kindest baby dog on earth (49 days):


10-26-2007 - Day 54

Little Miss decided today, that it's okay for her to struggle & get over the puppy barrier all alone if nobody answers her begging & pleading to be let out. You can imagine Vivi's face when she realized that Alison got out off the puppy garden to join her! I bet, she had a big grin on her sweet little Boston face & was very proud of herself.

And just because she now is a big girl, they take her for a walk outside with collar & lead - no problem at all, even if it's dark! Or she behaves very fashionably & like a lady by allowing others to carry her around in her own carrier bag:


10-29-2007 - Day 57

Today again was a very exciting day in a young Boston's life: The puppies got their 2nd vaccination & therefore traveled in a flight box by car to the vet. The later also put a microchip into the 3 little rascals who are now lying like apparently dead in their "Fort Knox" - the barrier had to be built higher, so that Alison doesn't get over it every time she wants to. They don't like at all to be touched in the area on their necks where the vet put the vaccinations & microchips. Even when inadvertently laying down on it while sleeping, they whine a little bit. That also worries Mom Garbo & she's taking a look on her poor babies more often.

By the way, Alison yesterday also has got a number in addition to her name - the registration number of the Kennel Club. It's VDH-CBD 1268.

10-31-2007 - Day 59

Today was another "Visiting Alison Day" - likely to be the last one because next time, we'll take her with us. If she had been allowed to, Little Miss would have followed us even today. It's just too interesting what's going on behind the door, where the adult dogs go to & what delicious things they get to eat. Stresses and strains of the past vaccination are forgotten right now & all of them are happily bustling about house & garden.

Aurelia-Lola, Al Capone & Alison (f. l. t. r.) with 59 days:


As you can see, Alison's ears have straightened up a little bit more during the past time, but the top of the ear is still hanging back. Today, she measured 22cm (8,66in) in height (shoulder) & weighed 2640gr (93,12 ounces).

11-03-2007 - Day 62

Yesterday was the last day when the complete litter was together, since now, Alison is a single child. On Thursday, a person from the breeding association came & confirmed a litter without any faults. Yesterday, it was time for Capo to move into his new home & today it was Lola's turn. Alison - who, like Garbo & Elmira, doesn't seem to miss her brother & sister - will stay a few days longer with her mother & accompany Vivi at work in the office. I guess, she'll find that very exciting. And furthermore, she's now allowed to go for a walk as the adults do, respectively to be carried for a walk in her bag.