Alisons Entwicklung

11-07-2007 - Day 66

Today was the last day in the office for Alison & also the last one together with her mother, because we fetched her tonight to take her home. On the way home, she got to know what it's like to go by train & everything was so exciting: all the people she didn't know, the strange noise she hadn't heard before & first of all the other dog which looked at her out off the window. Nevertheless, she wasn't afraid at all of those new things! Later, when Alison discovered her new home, Franny once again had to tell her unequivocally that she's the one to give orders, who owns all the toys & of course, her human mom, too. Despite of being a little bit shy at first, Alison wasn't put off from anything & soon started to animate Franny to play by jumping back and forth & making funny noise.

Alison sleeping in the office:


11-08-2007 - Day 67

After this exhausting day, she fell asleep on her familiar sleeping bag & didn't make herself felt with anything for 7 hours. At 5 o'clock in the morning, I was a little bit afraid of not noticing her at all & woke her up. Alison quickly peed & pooped outside & for being such a good girl, she got her first meal of the day although it was still dark outside. Afterwards, she took the rest of Franny's chewing stick & made herself comfortable in the crate. After smacking her lips noisily for a while, she suddenly started to meow. I immediately jumped up to reach her & Franny too had to take a look to find out what's wrong with Alison making such a strange noise. Against all my expectations, the chewing stick didn't get stuck in her throat, the little girl was just chewing it with relish & was meowing with delight as it seemed.

Alison'sthrone in the crate:


11-11-2007 - Day 70

This morning, Alison was astonished to see the first snow in her life. But she definitely wasn't taken aback that much when suddenly everything was white & cold. In general, new things don't seem to unsettle her, you sometimes get the impression that she already knows everything. Nevertheless, she's a very bright & quick-witted pup & always very interested in everything. In any case, I would dare claiming that she likes better water from above like these little white flakes than rain.

Later, she accompanied me to the airport & even mastered this experience with brilliance. I suppose, she didn't notice that much of all this because she was sleeping nearly all the time in her carrier.

11-12-2007 - 10 weeks

At the age of exactly 10 weeks, Alison today had her first day at university. She was an extremely good girl & passed the whole first seminar sleeping. If she hadn't casually stretched out herself off her bag, probably nobody would have noticed her at all. Even the fellow student sitting next to me said only after 1 hour: "Oh, you have to tell me that there's a puppy in the bag, I nearly stepped on it!" Those who noticed her, had to look at Alison again and again with a smile on their face.

Moreover, I left Alison & Franny alone in the flat for the first time while quickly doing my shopping in the evening. Of course, I first made her sleepy & waited until she laid down in the box.

Today, there was only a little bit left of Alison's first snow:



In the meanwhile, Alison has become a real pro in relation to public transport: bus, streetcar, metro or train doesn't present any problem to this little lady! And she's able to sleep everywhere very well as long as we're taking her carrier bag with us:


It's always a surprise to see how smart she is & how quick she comprehends. After 3 days with us, she already knew exactly behind which door we are living. She really left me baffled when I put her down in the stairwell & little miss ran straight to the right door without hesitating only for a second! For having passed a whole day at my parents' house, there was a long time & lots of new experience between. And in addition, there wasn't left much that smelled like us, I think, because there are 10 families passing in front of our door every day.


Today, Alison had another task to master: We were outside without Franny & had to walk along a highly frequented road for a while. At first, I carried her because she's not yet able to walk that much but later, I put her down & she was walking & jumping happily beside me, not even batting an eyelid when trucks & busses passed 2m (6,56ft) next to us. This girl really has terribly strong nerves!


This afternoon, there was a family reunion: Alison visited her mother & so did her brother as well as another Boston puppy of the same age - Oskar aka Cordt vom Staufenberg. Oh, what a pleasure! Even though we couldn't notice any sign of longing with anyone of them, it was obvious that mother & daughter had missed each other. Garbo went completely wild with exitement & it seemed as if she wanted to make up all at once for the whole passed 1,5 weeks that she wasn't able to play with her kids. I've never seen neither Garbo nor Alison gone that crazy! Even the camera had difficulties to take photos of that madness:


In the evening, she was shattered, of course - even her obligatory dance with joy while me preparing the dinner had to be cancelled from exhaustion. She fell asleep immediately.

11-21-2007 - 11 weeks, 2 days

Alison today met her first dog friend when I took her for a walk - Jaimy, a longhaired Chihuahua. It's not for nothing that's him of all dogs: He's the first one of Alison's size. Anyone bigger than her, she steers well clear of. So, there's not that much to notice of the literal "megalomania" of a Boston so far.


There was beauty care - including claw clipping, ear cleaning & everything that belongs to it - on the desk scheduled for today. We also practised standing calmly on it. In the evening, there was a reunion of the agility club & a crowd gathered around Alison to take a long look on her. At first, all those unknown persons, who all were talking to her at the same time, looked quite suspicious to her, but one after another, she made friends with everyone.

11-26-2007 - 12 weeks

Alison is exactly 12 weeks old, has 3444gr (7,59lbs) & a height on the shoulder of 25,5cm (10,04in). That's her today:


An eventful weekend lies behind us: On Saturday, we were invited to a birthday party & had lunch in a fine restaurant. And Little Miss behaved extremely well. Moreover, we took her to very crowded commercial centre - I held her safe in my arms, of course! In the aisles of an electronic market that were not that much frequented, she bravely passed close to unknown people. That doesn't matter to her at all, but one thing she doesn't like is when someone she's never seen before appeals to her & wants to touch her this instant. She's not a weak-willed soft toy which stays calm but a little personality!

On Sunday, we took our princess for her first trip on bike. The first part of the way, I went alone with her & she found it exciting and funny & sat well calmly in her bag on the bike. But when we met the others in the forest, she had to complain in a very noisy way that the adult dogs were allowed to walk & she wasn't. If she could, I bet, she would be adult, too tomorrow for no longer having to watch the others run, play & have fun while she's only able to participate for 10 min.


Today, the 2 girls had another surprise for me: When I came home, both welcomed me joyfully at the door although I had put Alison into the box before leaving. To my complete amazement, the flat wasn't devastated, nothing was chewed or broken. And the box also still looks like a new one & wasn't torn to shreds. One of the 2 must have been able anyhow to pull the zipper aside, then around the corner & then up.

Furthermore, the 3rd vaccination was scheduled for Little Miss. She wasn't amused at all to be touched & examined - including measuring her temperature - by an unknown man, but bore everything & stayed calm. Only when receiving the second injection, she screamed a little bit & refused to take the treats the doctor offered her in reconciliation. From the hand that hurt her, she didn't want to take anything - from mine, she enjoyed it though.