Alisons Entwicklung

12-03-2007 - 13 weeks

Alison was born exactly a quarter of a year ago! Within the last 7 days, she gained 200gr (7,05 ounces) in weight & 1cm (0,39in) in height. So, Madame has 3627gr (8lbs) & measures 26,5cm (10,43in) on the shoulder:


Unfortunately, the little girl - as well as Franny - has a cold: For a few days, they have been sneezing & their eyes habe become inflamed. Thanks to pills, eye & nose drops, I think, we'll soon have overcome it & the ladies will be able to start over again. Nevertheless, Alison is full of beans & would - if you allowed her to - romp around more than it's possibly good for her at the moment.


Alison has recovered well & yesterday went to the Pfötchenschule (dogs' school) for the first time, in order to get to know other people & dogs & to watch the adults doing agility. At the beginning, she always acts like being shy, but it never takes long until she sets up contact to the others. She even dared interacting with a huge Bearded Collie. Watching the training was very exciting for her & because Franny told her what great thing she's missing, she soon tucked at the lead & also wanted to participate on the parcours. So, both girls raced each other whining for not being allowed to take part.

Today, we went to our training ground & little girl Alley was allowed to check out the tunnels & to test how it's like running over the dog walk lying on the ground. Of course, she managed these easy exercises totally relaxed & with lots of joy.

Additionally, a few days ago, Alison's ears gave up playing the dice to decide which one is standing erect & which one is hanging or rolling back and forth. They're still a little bit weak, that's clear, but they're already standing nicely when Alison hasn't creased one while sleeping:


12-11-2007 - 14 weeks, 1 day

Alison once again has turned a week older & has continiously gained in weight: She now has 3812gr (8,4lbs). She "only" has grown half a centimetre since our last measuring one week ago & today measures 27cm (10,63in).

Little Miss today:



Today again, we had our weekly beauty care day & Alison had to stand ear cleaning, claw clipping & tooth control. That's always done on the desk & includes practising stacking for the show. For receiving lots of treats in the meanwhile, Alison always has a lot of fun. This photo was taken today after finishing:


The adult dogs also had to get a tooth cleaning, which Alison watched attentively. She couldn't but had to taste the toothpaste & didn't find it that bad. In order to familiarizing her with teeth brushing step by step, we're carefully brushing some teeth & gums while praising her for staying calm. And afterwards, she gets a big goody.

12-17-2007 - 15 weeks

The little princess turned another week older & gained in height & weight. Today, she has 4066gr (8,96lbs) & 27,5cm (10,83in) in height. As well as during the past weeks, Alison has gained another 200gr (7,05 ounces) & half of a centimetre (0,2in).


Yesterday, we had a small Vivid Gem's family reunion at Vivi's. Not only Alison was delighted with seeing her mother & brother, the joy was with everyone. They romped around until total exhaustion. Being the great-cousin of the babies, Franny was allowed to participate in the family photo:


After a night during that she slept like a log, the last vaccination for the time being was scheduled for today. This time, Alison was much more courageous & stayed calm during the examination including measuring her temperature like a good girl does. Anyway, she didn't find that it was a reason worthy to get excited: no increased temperature nor heartbeat. Completely relaxed, she awaited the things to come. For Madame has whined the last time when receiving the second injection, the vet this time put even more effort in not hurting her. And actually, Alison wasn't aware at all that she was vaccinated! Now, we hope that passes a whole year until we'll have to enter a veterinarian's surgery again.

12-24-2007 - 16 weeks

For nearly a week now, there's something going on in Alison's jaw as it seems, because she has a huge need for chewing. It's that serious that she sometimes couldn't find sleep in the evenings. She doesn't like to bite hard cookies anymore, but cow ears are still good to chew & she still likes her food. Today, almost all her teeth were suddenly loose - some more, others less. So, I think, she'll soon start changing her teeth.