Alisons Entwicklung

12-31-2007 - 17 weeks

Alison hasn't lost a tooth yet, although especially her incisors are extremely loose. And regarding her chewing & the way she tears the toys with Franny, it really borders on a miracle. In the big gap between the canine & molars, you can already see the tops of the new premolars in the upper jaw.

After the weekly beauty care programme & the practising on the desk, I've taken the following pic:



Alison celebrated her first New Year's Eve together with Elmira & her mother Garbo & got through it well. The firecrackers, which were echoing in the city, left her totally cold; but the crackling & sparking fireworks lighted directly behind the fence of the garden didn't arouse her enthusiasm. The other two - which would have fallen on it while barking if they could - couldn't infect her with their courage either.

On New Year's Day, it started to snow heavily & the paws of mother and daughter left traces on the snowy ground: bigger & smaller ones. We were quite surprised to see that the bigger paw prints belonged to the baby! So, Alison's paws not only look huge, they are!

This morning, we had a blanket of fresh snow of 20cm (7,87in) & Alison went completely wild. She loves wandering around in the garden anyhow, occupying herself & playing alone, but today it was even worse! And it didn't matter at all that her belly was touching the snow & got wet and cold; she happily romped around through the white, puffing like a steam engine & didn't want to stop. Now, she's looking through the backdoor window almost all the time & wants to go out again.

01-07-2008 - 18 weeks

At the age of 18 weeks, Alison weighs 4521gr (9,97lbs) today. She's an intelligent & independent girl that loves to move. At the moment, she's a little bit shy & suddenly finds things she's already familiarized with gruesome once again. So, we use the hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc. more often than necessary, rustle plastic bags & can merely move in the flat with all those balloons - all this for one good reason: to desensitise the miss again.

Two days ago, she went to the door for the first time to signalise that she wants to go out for peeing when I asked her. But nevertheless, she hasn't relieved herself in the flat for a longer period of time.

She still has all her loose milk teeth, but the first new incisor broke trough this evening. So she appears more like a little shark than a "toothless Minka".


Now, Alison does have lost some of her milk teeth. I removed one with the tweezers yesterday before going to bed, because it was lying horizontally in the mouth, only hanging on a fine "thread". The others unfortunately have gone lost in the mere sense of the word. How many she's actually lost, I can't say because the new ones are already half there & don't differ that much from the small milk teeth.

The milk incisor that has been saved:

Alisons Zahn

01-14-2008 - 19 weeks

Yesterday, we took Alison to an agility competition taking place in an indoor riding arena. There were a lot of other puppies & young dogs to play with & horses to amaze. When the tall animals were led by very close to us, Ali-dwarf kept cool as if she had experienced it a hundred times before! After having spend the whole day on the dusty ground of the riding arena, it was necessary to have the first bath in the little dog's life. But this wasn't a really exciting event either. The mucky pup kept still very well when floods of water & shampoo came over it.

So today, the little miss is a beautiful girl again:


By the way, she has a weight of 4624gr (10,19lbs) - her weekly gain of weight seems to move around 100gr (3,53 ounces) - and a height of 30 cm (11,81in). While changing teeth & baby fur against the adult's one, the girl didn't have time to grow as it appears.


Alison evidently has an agility-gene! In the dogs' school, she went to the contact zone of the dogwalk all by herself today, as if it was a matter of course to go on the "stay-position" - hindquarters on the contact zone, forelegs on the ground. We also trained this position on the see-saw & the A-frame with a clicker & the young lady didn't want to stop anymore. At least as exciting as this were the tunnels; she ran through them again & again without batting an eyelid although it was already dark. Even bent tunnels of which she can't see the exit don't present any problems to her. Even doing things for the first time, Al always behaves as if she hadn't done anything else in her life. This little girl is simply great!!!

Within a hair's breadth, she would have also taken the obstacle behind the tunnel. She already had her forelegs in the air when I warned her to better let it be. Her front paws on the bar, she turned around asking: "Aren't they made for jumping?!" When the adults were trained later, she whined all the time & wanted to also take part in the lesson.

01-21-2008 - 20 weeks

Our baby today is 20 weeks old & only has one single milk incisor that simply doesn't want to leave the jaw although being quite loose & having the new one already behind it. Also among the molars, there are already some new ones that have smuggled themselves out of the jaw. But a milk molar still is missing in my collection which counts 5 incisors by now.

That's Little Miss today measuring 30,5 cm (12,01in) & weighing 4752gr (10,48lbs):


Even though it isn't completely pigmented yet, her nose is slowly getting darker & darker:



Alison has got used to the balloons well in the mean time & discovered them as funny toys. You could even say that she's turned from a phobic to a fanatic! The running vacuum cleaner still is bad, she thinks - and this every time anew. It doesn't matter if, the last time, she had tucked for a toy close to the noisy thing.

Al chasing the balloons: