Alisons Entwicklung

01-28-2008 - 21 weeks

The little miss today has turned 21 weeks old & puts 4855gr (10,7lbs) on the scales. And weighing slowly faces problems - on the one hand, because the scales only go up to 5kg (11lbs), on the other, because the little one grows more & more:


For a week now, Alison has got a buddy: He's named Rudi, a mix of Jack Russell & Fox Terrier & 4 weeks younger than she is. He's living next door & every time they meet, off they go! But Rudi doesn't have the hint of a chance to keep up with our little speedy girl, so Alison runs the bigger laps & has to wait for Rudi from time to time.


Alison visited the New Garden today & got to know ducks. These little birds swimming on the Saint Lake fascinated her the way that she had to interrupt her excited running back & forth again & again in order to observe them attentively in a pointer's position:


The last one of Alison's milk incisors has eventually fallen out & she also seems to already have chanced the molars, too. She was so kind to leave 2 of them for me on the carpet.

02-04-2008 - 22 weeks

Yesterday, Alison has turned 5 months old & today the 22nd week has passed. So, the puppy age has definitively gone by, but she'll always be our little baby for all times!

On the dogs' practising ground, she's filling me with enthusiasm more & more. She's really an extraordinary girl having brains! It's easy to guide her through the wings of the jumps (bars on the ground) & this without much practising. She simply observed the training of the adult dogs for a several times & that was enough for her to know what it's all about. Miss Always in Motion just loves the tunnels & contact zones & works them out with delight. Her lively but easy-going nature makes it easy to work with her. Nevertheless, some more "ready-steady-go"-games are needed to elaborate her drive for that she'll develop the required ambition to later give her very best on the parcours without me begging her.

During the past 7 days, she practically hasn't gained any weight, which seems to me like a sign for a necessary increase of her food ration. However, she has grown quite a lot & now measures 31,5cm (12,4in). That's little miss Alison:


02-12-2008 - 23 weeks, 1 day

Alison's right ear again constantly hangs back since she has started to change teeth. I'm a little bit frightened because of realizing that she's developing a "false bend". So yesterday, I tried to put her a tape. Against all expectations, it doesn't disturb her at all & that's really strange because she doesn't even like to wear a collar!

Now little Alien is looking like that:


02-18-2008 - 24 weeks

After 3 days of being taped, Alison's right ear's now standing erect very well. Not for 24 hours a day but much better than before, when it was hanging back permanently.

The young miss is a little bit moody at the moment & by no ways fully occupied. Reason for this is Franny whose knee has been operated on. So, she's not available for never-ending play sessions to which Alison is used to. Just after Franny had come home from the vet station, the little one was very sensitive & empathic, but now, several days later, she's of the opinion that Franny could finally start to play with her again. She's insistently asking her to do so.


Our little girl is ill! This night, she started to have a terrible stomach-ache & diarrhoea. The thermometer showed 38,8°C (101,8°F) this morning, that's definitively increased compared to her normal temperature. She let her ears drop & was weak. I cancelled the breakfast & gave her fennel tea with dextrose as well as a paste of glucose & electrolytes - supposed to settle the stomach - instead.

After having slept all morning, she felt better in the afternoon & the temperature had fallen. For dinner, she had chicken & rice which she ate ravenously.


Despite the special diet, Alison still has severe flatulence. But she's lively & you don't notice any sign of an illness in her behaviour anymore. Nevertheless, we consulted the vet today who prescript something easing & antibiotics.