Alisons Entwicklung

03-03-2008 - 6 months (26 weeks)

Today, Alison is celebrating her 0,5th birthday! She recovered very well from the gastrointestinal infection within 3 days of taking antibiotics. While attending an agility competition - as spectators, of course -, we measured her with the judge's official measuring rod: At the moment, she's 31,5cm (12,4in) in height, but she crouched a little bit. So, Little Miss is supposed to be half a centimetre (0,2in) higher!

04-03-2008 - 7 months

Since Alison will be on heat sometime or other, we eventually adjusted 2 panties to her today. One of them is light blue, the other lime green:


She's wearing & bearing them calmly & is able to run & romp around, even though she prefers doing it naked. Anyhow, we're prepared & well equipped now & waiting for the things to come.


Alison today went to see her first dogshow. As you never know exactly when the ladies will be on heat for the first time, we didn't enrolled her for the puppy class. However, we trotted a test lap in the show ring before the judgement started. I think, she did a good job & presented herself not that bad, although she couldn't but show a little bit too much of her temperament, which would make it tough to judge her gait.

The huge amount of people & dogs didn't unsettle her at all: She went through the crowd & roaring without batting an eyelid. She appeared completely relaxed & unimpressed, just as if she had experienced something like this at least a hundred time before!

Alison at her show debut:



Alison has just taken a bath - unintentionally! A second ago, she still was romping around the pond in the garden, then all out of a sudden she was sitting dripping wet in front of the backdoor. Straight through the pond covered with alga, there was a zigzag line. I suppose that after paddling through, the poor girl ran right to the door without thinking in shaking the water off the coat, because every second, big drops were dripping from her ears hanging like Dobby's.

Alison back on terra firma & in dry cloth, but still with Dobby's ears:



We outsmarted our pair of kitchen scales, which only weighs up to 5 kg (11lbs), a little bit today: put on some kilos, pushed tare, then the young lady went into the scale-pan & we had to calculate a bit. The result was exactly 6404gr (14,12lbs). For being able to better interpret the weight, I also put Franny on the scales: 6150gr (13,56lbs)- so I'm quite sure to have weighed & calculated well.


Unfortunately, I had to remove the first tick in Alison's life. We cannot but hope that this little god damned animal wasn't infected by Lyme desease, Anaplasmosis or any other pathogens!

By the way, Little Miss seems to have grown a little bit more during the past few weeks: She now measures 33cm (12,99in).

05-05-2008 (8 months)

On Saturday, Alison had her real show debut in the ring on the European Winner Show in Dortmund. She was entered in the puppy class (6 to 9 months). The atmosphere was quite nerve-wracking because of all the other dogs of different breeds which were judged in the rings nearby or placed in metal crates & which were barking in an incredible volume. The smart girl therefore preferred waiting in the soft crate for her appearance in the ring. Normally, she doesn't like it at all to be put the crate, but this time, I even had to use a bit of a cooked chicken heart in order to lure her out. In the ring anyhow, she was in best mood & presented herself in a very vivacious way until it was time for the table. 3 unknown persons (judge, ring stewardess, writer) being that close to her at the same time, left her with a slight feeling of inconvenience. Nevertheless, she behaved well when being touched & getting a teeth check by the judge.

Today, we declared open the outdoor swimming season & Alison took her first swimming lesson. First, she was standing on the bank & watched Franny retrieve a stick. Then, she absolutely wanted to try it herself, plunged completely fearlessly into the water & paddling wildly, she squirted water into her face & ears. So, she preferred to quickly regain dry land. After a while, she had to try it again & dashed into the lake like crazy, only to return just when the waves produced by herself engulfed her. After that, she preferred waiting for Franny to come ashore with the sticks in order to then take them away from her:



Franny & Alison spent 4 days at Vivi's & have had a lot of fun. While Franny was relaxing the whole day & only changed places to follow the sun, Alison was terribly occupied. She had to observe the guinea pigs, to try all the toys, to tend the cuddly toys & to romp alternately or at the same time with her mother Garbo & her best friend Elmira.



Alison eventually learned how to swim! But therefore, I had to take her out onto the lake into deeper water for several times. There, I let her paddle on the spot for a while - with short breaks in my arms - always paying attention to that her hindquarters wouldn't sink too much. Now she realized what the right position in the water is & even without support is swimming calmly & without splashing. By now, she doesn't dare retrieving toys thrown too far away. She still insists that it's not thrown further than to a point where she's still able to touch the ground with her hind legs in order to walk on 2 feet out off the water.