Alisons Entwicklung

06-08-2008 - 9 month, 5 days

This weekend, Alison was entered in the youth class (9 to 18 month) for the first time. She got 2 very nice reports from the judges & with 11 respectively 13 bitches entered in this class, the competition was quite unusually hard. Our young lady presented excellently: applied herself to posing & trotted like a world champion despite the great heat! We considered us lucky that the large ring wasn't used to it's edges by the competitors. So we could take longer laps in order to appropriately show Alison's beautiful movements with good reach. The crowning glory of the weekend was the second place (excellent 2) which was awarded to us today. For it means that we were only defeated by the bitch that later became Best of Breed and Best Young Dog in Show. We're really proud of our little girl!

Mother Garbo & brother Capo also were successful this weekend:

Alison, Garbo und Capo


Just a few days before turning 10 months old, Alison has now started to be on heat. That means she inevitably is on her way to become a young lady. The panties, that are ready for wearing for almost 3 months, can now eventually be used. It's lucky that they still fit!

07-03-2008 - 10 months

Despite of the fact that I have the impression as if she only was born yesterday, our little miss already turned 10 months old today! Being on heat, she seems to become more grown-up & independent. Her ears have become more stiff in the meanwhile & nearly don't wiggle anymore when she's moving. But although having that size & stiffness, they seem to be out of order in the wilderness quite often: Little Miss from time to another lets my calls go in one ear and out the other. She then is of the opinion having discovered things that need her full attention & can't wait for her for only a second. She doesn't return to me until having dealt with her terribly important affaires.

She hasn't grown anymore during the past weeks, so Alison still has a height of 33cm (12,99in) & a weight of 6,8kg (14,99lbs). And that's how she looks like:



Alison decided to have her first heat like a high-speed run. Only 14 days after the beginning of her bleeding, she has completely finished by now: no discharge anymore & the swelling of her vulva has almost gone down to the normal size already. Nevertheless, the males are still very interested in her, which Little Miss obviously seems to enjoy.

After a few days of intensive training using huge amounts of goodies, Alison once again comes back flying when I call on her in the forest - in at least most of all cases.


For several days now, our little miss has a new favourite hobby: frisbee! She's chasing after the discs like crazy, catches & retrieves them. Normally, she isn't a good retriever, she prefers running circles with the loot & showing off with it. By now, Alison already catches perfectly almost every rolling disc & even during her 3rd training section - each lasts 5-10 minutes - she was able to grasp the first flying frisbee. For her still being in development, we never throw the discs the way she has to jump in order to reach them, but always is able to catch them while running.

Here are some snapshots of Alison & her discs:


The young lady still is adored by males. She, however, is no more amused at all by their obtrusive & amorous behaviour. She then squeals & makes a snap like a mare & all we need is that she also starts to kick out like a horse. Afterwards, she's a good girl once again & apologizes immediately & wants to play. But that's something the males have difficulties with to understand.

08-26-2008 - 11,5 months

A few weeks ago, we decided that it was time to put more effort in training Alison in obedience in order to prepare her for the companion dog exam next spring. Thanks to the clicker & lots of goodies, she's full of zeal for the cause & already walks great with and without leash. When coming in after a call, she nearly always sits perfectly in front of me.