Alisons Entwicklung

09-03-2008 - 12 months

Today, Alison celebrated her first birthday! In the morning, we took her for a long walk in the sunshine, after breakfast, she snoozed a little & than, we started for Beelitz to have an agility lesson in the dog's school. For dinner, the lady later had chicken meat.

Mommy Garbo, Vivi & family sent congratulations, from little brother Capo, we received a MMS with the following pic:

Capos Geburtstag


The past weekend, Alison was shown twice in Leipzg. On Saturday, she was quite a lot impressed by the noise & crampedness of the huge shed & didn't want to present herself as easily as we are used to it with her. During the teeth check on the table, she nearly did a backward roll in order to escape from the judge who had quite insensitive & brash manners. On Sunday, she fortunately was back in shape & comfortable in the ring again, let her teeth check calmly & presented her self well. Her appearance in the ring was this time rewarded with the first challenge certificate for the Youth Championship & the title "VDH-Winner Youth 2008".


Today, Alison had her first official appearance in the agility parcours: We presented our sport together with other people from our club within the framework of the "1st Dog Day" in Colbitz. 12-months-old Little Miss was dealing very well as she is already used to the atmosphere of crowds of people & dogs. Therefore, she wasn't distracted at all while working in the ring & enjoyed her applause.

Alison on the agility parcours:



We spent the weekend in the Ore Mountains: Alison & brother Capo were shown on both days in Annaberg-Buchholz but also had a lot of fun together in the snow. On Sunday, we were able to enjoy our greatest success so far: Alison not only received her 3rd & last missing nomination in order to become "German Youth-Champion", but also went Best of Breed (BOB). Later during the Best in Show competition, the judge - who, the day before, only contributed a very good 2 to Alison because of her ears not yet stiff enough - even took her among the best 4 dogs remaining in the ring. Unnecessary to mention how happy & proud we are of our little girl!

12-07-2008 - 15 months

Today, Alison got to know her little brother of the B-litter. But first, she was so excited about seeing again her mom & favourite friend Elmira that she didn't notice at all the puppy. Suddenly, Bandito was standing in front of her & she was quite surprised by him. Alison immediately looked for a toy with which she could show off in front of her younger sibling. The later was not amused by this & told her so quite loud. And big sister didn't know how to interpret these expressions of annoyance & was flabbergasted.

Alison with her Mama & the terror-dwarf:

Alison mit Garbo und Bandito


Today, Alison started to be on heat for the second time in her life. Therefore, she's wearing panties again & at night, in order to prevent her from losing the pants in bed, she's got a baby's night dress:


01-06-2008 - 16 months

Alison loves the winter! In general, she loves every season as long as there are no strong winds & it's not that cold that she has to wear a coat as she also loves to be naked. We have a lot of snow at the moment & Little Miss is having a great time. On frozen puddles, she works hard for becoming a figure-skating star. Pics from that are to be found in the gallery.


Today, we've got mail from the kennel club containing Alison's pedigree & her titel document: Now it's official that Little Miss is German Youth-Champion (Club)!


During the past 3 weeks, we've shown our little miss on 4 shows throughout the east of the country. She returned always with a win of the Intermediate Class & Challenge Certificates for the German as well as for the International Champion, was 3 times the best female & even twice Best of Breed. What an incredible success!

Moreover, Alison was tested on Patella Luxation by an authorized vet today. Her knees are perfectly built, she's completely free of PL (0/0) & of course, we're very happy about this result. Here's the official form (click to enlarge):

examination form


Two weeks ago, Alison hurt the cornea of her left eye. Fortunately, the wound is completely healed by now (complete report).


For a short while now, we've been practicing tracking with Alison. And only after a few units, she's already quite crazy about it: She can't wait for the moment she's allowed to start, she squeals with pleasure & works out the track eagerly. It's simply incredible how full of passion she is in everything she does & how talented.


Today, it was Alison's big day: She passed her companion dog exam (BH/ VT) under DVG-judge Rolf Eberhardt. Unfortunately, we were very strained because of the exam situation so that "heel free" - normally one of Alison's strong points in obedience - wasn't as good as it could have been. Nevertheless, the young miss obtained the second place out of 8 competitors. Later, she provided evidence of her good her fitness & condition. Completing 5km (3,1 miles) at a rapid trot by relatively warm weather without any difficulties, Alison also passed the endurance exam (AD).

heel position
heel on leash


Alison participated in her first agility competition last weekend. On Saturday, she started as a "white dog" in class A1 in order to get familiarized with the atmosphere during a competition & managed this in a wonderful way. On Sunday, we were allowed to start officially in the beginner-class. Receiving 2 refusals, she earned the third place in the agility course & having a fast clear round in the jumping, she ended up second.

Alison at the jump
Alison at the jump