Alisons Entwicklung

09-03-2009 - 24 months

Today, Alison has celebrated her second birthday! Since very early in the morning, it has been pouring down with rain & we have already been afraid that our birthday trip together with little brother Capo would fall through. But then, it has finally stopped raining in the afternoon & even the sun has came out. So the siblings have been able to enjoy their trip together.


Yesterday, we went to the agility club "Glück auf" Goslar in order to participate in an agility competition. Alison once again was allowed to start unofficially as a "white dog" in class A1. Whereas two weeks ago she still waited patiently for my signal to start, this time she already knew exactly what was going on. And Young Miss was so excited that she couldn't wait until I was calling but preferred to decide herself when to take off. Nevertheless, Alley did very well all in all; even during the third round, she still was fully concentrated. Although we didn't manage to end up with one only clear round, some competitors must have been very impressed by Alison & told me so. I'm so proud of my little girl!

Alison slamming on the brakes on the seesaw:

Alison on the seesaw


Last weekend, we went to Leipzig on more time together with Tini & Capo in order to show brother & sister on the National & International Dog Show. After having celebrated their second birthday, the siblings had to be entered in open class for the first time. On the table, Alison once again felt uneasy when the judge & another judge-to-be at the same time wanted to have a very critical look at her. But the rest of the time, she was fine in the ring & showed all of her expression & charm. On Saturday, she received excellent 2 & became Reserve Winner's Bitch. On Sunday, Little Miss won her class & additionally was chosen for Winner's Bitch & Best of Opposite Sex.

The successful Vivid Gem's in Leipzig:

Alison & Capo with trophy


Since the 10th of September it's official & today we have received the document: Alison has got her breeding permission! She has also got a very nice appraisal by the officer of the breeding association.


We have been to Eggenstest today in order to participate in the Companion Dog Trophy organized by the club Allerwölfe e.V. (DVG). 16 teams had come to compete & our little girl was the smallest among all the German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermen, Retrievers, etc. First, we've heard some amusing comments like "Oh, I didn't know that cats were also allowed to participate!" But after Alison having done a quite good job during the exam, we've gained recognition. We've let 13 others - mostly working dogs - behind us & ended up on the 3rd place. And although we have been the only participants of our club, we also received the 3rd price in the club competition for the Agility-Club Karolinenhof e.V.


Alison has participated in the agility competition organized by our club in the indoor riding arena in Pietzpuhl today. On more time, it didn't go without a hitch: we received one refusal in the jumping & 2 in the A-round. Despite these results, we still were better respectively managing the jumping in a speed of 4,63 m/sec faster than the competitors. So at the end of the day, Alison reached twice the first place & therefore also ended up on top of the overall placings of the beginner class A0 small.


Last Sunday, Alison started to be on heat once again; this time it's for the 4th time. Since we are planning to mate her during this heat, we were with our vet today in order to let her conduct a smear test for bacteriological examination. There will be another appointment next Monday to determine the ideal point in time for mating.


Today has been the decisive day: yesterday's smear & blood test forecasted today to be favourable for the 1st attempt of mating. So the first meeting between Miss Always in Motion & the stud chosen for her has taken place. Both have been taken with each other immediately. And after a short while of playing & wooing, Alison has been mated without any difficulties. She has mastered everything bravely & with consummate ease although the intercourse could have been a bit shorter in her opinion. Since 'motion' not only is a part of her name but also is in her blood, it's sometimes hard for Little Miss to keep still.

Now, everyone is, of course, waiting expectantly for the consequences of this mating. Further information will be provided soon under offspring as well as in the pregnancy diary.