Alison's Development

03-23-2009 - 2 years, 6 months

Alison's back for good! Yesterday, the officer of the kennel club came for the official judgement & registration of the puppies. Afterwards, I was allowed to take her home with me. She got over the separation from her babies quite well & already is the same Little Miss we used to know & have missed so much: merry, bright, always in motion & more than just a little bit crazy!

The 1st night & this morning gone by, Alison's settled in with us & has come to terms with Franny very well. It's as if she has never been away. She keeps her eyes riveted on me for nearly all the time, is following every move I make & still is full of trust in me. It feels so good to have her around again! Thank you, Vivi, thank you so much for this marvellous girl!!!

Merely more than 8 weeks after giving birth to her pups, Alison's mammary system already is quite well reduced & she looks great again by now:

Alison, 8 weeks after giving birth


This weekend, Alison has participated in her 1st Agility competition of this year & at the same time, it was her 1st official start in A1. Only shortly after having puppies, we haven't had many training sessions yet. Nevertheless, even if the results don't reveal it at 1st sight, she has done a quite good job.


This weekend, we've been to Leipzig to show Alison on the National & International Dog Show. She did an amazing job in the ring & finally was selfconfident on the table again. This resulted on the National show on Saturday in excellent 1 including a Challenge Certificate for the German Champion (VDH) as well as a Reserve-Challenge Certificate for the Club-Champion. On the International show on Sunday, Alison reached excellent 2 plus Reserve-Challenge Certificates from the VDH, the Club & the FCI. That means she ended up as Reserve Winner's Bitch that day.

By now, all conditions for the title "German Champion (VDH)" are fulfilled, so we're going to apply for the title document within the next few days. We're terribly proud of our Little Miss!

Moreover, we seized the opportunity to present Alison to a vet specialised in ophthalmology in order to get her eyes checked for hereditary diseases. The CERF-examination proofed that Alison is unaffected by presumed inherited eye diseases such as MPP, PHTVL/ PHPV, CEA, RD, PRA, cataract, etc. The official certificate:



Today, we've received mail from the VDH containing Alison's title document:


She officially is "German Champion (VDH)" by now, allowed to carry "Ch." in front of her name & to be shown in the Champion Class. We're terribly proud of our Little Miss!


Alison has had an appointment for being x-rayed today in order to let her hips & spine check by a specialist. We're very happy about the results: she's clear of hip dysplasia (HD) as well as spondyliosis (SP) & moreover doesn't show any abnormal vertebras.



We've finally received mail from the lab we engaged to carry out a DNA-testing for Early Onset Cataract in Alison. The result: NO mutation of gene HSF4. Both alleles Alison is carrying are completely normal. That means our Little Miss will never be taken ill with this kind of cataract nor will pass any genetic disposition for it to her offspring. We're, of course, very happy about that!

The certificate:

Zertifikat DNA-Test Juveniler Katarakt