Alisons Name

The night when Alison was born, I laid awake until 03:45 a.m., when finally the short message from Vivi arrived. I couldn't wait to receive it saying that everything was fine & 1 male & 2 females were born. While waiting for news, I read Joy Fielding's Whispers & Lies. One of the main characters of the novel is Alison Simms.

She's a pretty & young woman of a delicate built who enchants everybody with a refreshing childlike nature & a captivating smile. Alison being a little bit naive but always believing in the good things on earth, everyone cannot but has to grow fond of her & take her to their heart. Her beauty & overwhelming charm simply cast a spell over you.

From a etymological point of view, Alison is an English term of endearment of Alice, which in turn goes back to the German Adelheid - 'adal' meaning 'noble' & 'heid' meaning 'behaviour' or 'nature'. Therefore, Alison means "of noble nature".

And there's no doubt that the little one is of a noble nature & we hope, of course, that our delicate, adorable little girl will turn into a pretty & charming young Boston-Lady one day.